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    A Journey Through Authentic LeadershipLuis Costa

    Leading through uncertainty, complexity, exponential change, immediacy and diversity.

    Luis spent the past four decades working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and their management teams in a significant number of the major global companies, including many innovative companies operating in new ecosystems and dynamic family-owned businesses. During these four decades the world has evolved in ways that few would have predicted back then and he has, as so many of you, lived through many diferent crisis.
    As we continue to deal with uncertainty, complexity, exponential change, immediacy, and diversity, Luis realized that we are all being confronted with significant issues and questions that are not being answered by the traditional frameworks and mindsets we embraced many years ago. Our environment is shifting rapidly and so needs to shift the way we think and the way we feel. And this is where this manual comes in. It connects and helps us process and integrate.
    • The Foundations - Building and Accessing The Anchors - takes the leader on a journey of introspection to connect with the three key areas that support him/her through their leadership journey - Who am I, What do I stand for, and How do I create meaning.
    • Bringing Authenticity to Leadership - The Path to Charisma and Gravitas - takes the leader on a journey to understand how he/she builds and sustains trustworthiness, influence, impact and credibility.
    • The Authentic Leader’s Journey - where the leader journeys through seven key spaces of action, engagement, commitment and value - self, other, team, organization, ecosystem, market and society.
    This manual has been built around a model, asking questions, and giving tips and method, so that leaders become proficient in “being” and “doing” across a series of leadership spaces where they wish to be seen to be trustworthy, of influence, with impact and credible. It is Luis hope that these pages are a source for many useful and interesting conversations, that will contribute to the shaping of the authentic leadership.

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